Poster Session

Location: Aspen Center for Physics – Smart Hall

Poster list

  1. Wylie Ahmed, Soft, Living, and Active Matter Laboratory
  2. Joseph Albert, Reynolds vs. Peclet – Finite acceleration in the Stokes regime from slowly relaxing gradients
  3. Laura Alvarez, Programmable assembly of hybrid colloidal microswimmers
  4. Antoine Aubret, Dynamical Self-Assembly of Self-Spinning Microgears
  5. Yongjoo Baek, Negative mobility of passive bodies in active fluids
  6. Oliver Baeumchen, Light-Switchable Adhesion, Biofilm Formation and Collective Effects of Microalgal Suspensions
  7. Peter Foster, A Hierarchy of Instabilities in an Active Material
  8. Yohsuker Fukai, Large-scale flow in electroconvection of cholesteric liquid crystal
  9. Tetsuya Hiraiwa, Theory on chemotactic migration of eukaryotic cells
  10. Theresa Jakuszeit, Dynamics of chemotactic and chemokinetic bacterial populations
  11. Ah-Young Jee, Enzymes and other proteins using super-resolution fluctuation microscopy
  12. Airi N. Kato, Reciprocating motion and the net locomotion of the Quincke rollers under AC fields
  13. Jaideep Katuri, Artificial micro-swimmers respond to external cues
  14. Sofia Magkiriadou, A colloidal spinner fluid
  15. Christopher Miles, Unstable self-stretching and invasion of active matter in a viscous fluid
  16. Janna Nawroth, The Hawaiian bobtail squid: A model system for flow functions of ciliated surfaces
  17. Hyuk Kyu Pak, An information-driven Brownian motor achieved experimentally by asymmetric cooling
  18. Praneet Prakash, Dynamics of payload carrying bacteria
  19. Geet Raju, Active sedimentation equilibrium of Quincke rollers
  20. Jeroen Rodenburg, Van’t Hoff’s law for active suspensions: the role of the solvent chemical potential
  21. Suraj Shankar, Irreversibility in an active gas
  22. Sakurako Tanida, The effects of volume exclusion on collective motion of microtubules
  23. Erik Verriest, Graceful Gait Transitions via Homotopy of Periodic Behaviors
  24. Hiroki Yamaguchi, Breakdown of tissue homeostasis and stochastic Fisher waves
  25. Ryoichi Yamamoto, Particle-based model for crawling and proliferating cells with contact inhibitions