Conference Dinner

Location: Meadows, Doerr-Hosier Center.

We have received precise guidelines for the dinner:

Aspen Center for Physics – Banquet Dinner Guidelines

  • Dinners will be scheduled 30 minutes after the final session
    hosted at the Aspen Center for Physics unless otherwise
    requested by the coordinator.
  • Participants should be aware that if they arrive more than 30
    minutes after the dinner service begins, The Aspen Meadows
    cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate.
  • Participants must sign up and pay by Monday at 12:00pm
    (noon) of the dinners, at that point they will be considered
    ‘additional guests’.
  • The Aspen Meadows will only be able to accommodate
    additional guests counts up to 10% above those who paid in
    advance. These guests should be prepared to pay at the time of
    service. Due to the recent renovation, we do not at this time
    have an in house restaurant.
  • Any guests who we are unable to accommodate may order off of
    the ‘In Room Dining’ menu located in their guest hotel rooms.